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I'm back. I haven't ditched livejournal. Just didn't really feel like typing English at all. :/ I even quit my English cram school to join the Junior Orchestra, so now I only have a 45 minute English class once a week now, and that's going to disappear when I go to high school. But my love for English is coming back, after reading some Meg Cabot books (and one by Sandra Brown... it was an accident, I swear) and surfing the English side of the net. So I suppose writing in LJ won't be that bad.

Speaking of which, god, LJ has changed. @_@ I'll need to get used to it all over again lol. Also need to get updated on some manga, I hadn't touched a manga for as long as I hadn't touched LJ. I finally did read some random Gintama and Shoujo mangas 'till 3 yesterday, though, and I reckon that's enough rehabilitation. :P I think I love Hijikata-san a teensy bit more then Sougo now... whhhyy. ._.

Well, seems like the Kouhaku is going on... Not really interested in Japanese pop and songs and stuff, but it is New Years Eve after all. *shrug*
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heart broken. 裏切り者!



I need to go to the bookstore, like, now. *curses homework*

Kyuuuuchaaaaan... Hurray for lesbian manga. XD


Where Never Lark or Eagle Flew

We're doing that piece for our next fall concert. :O And a number of others, but I hunted it out of the internet so I thought I'd post it. XD It's a pretty good recording, for free. I just found it amusing how it has 'parental advisory - explicit lyrics' under warning... XD;;; Does it even have lyrics?? It's a wind orchestra piece, as far I know. This piece was renamed 'Wing of Happiness' in Japanese, because apparently the translator couldn't think of a good short simple translation for 'Where Never Lark or Eagle Flew', so he just thought up another title. Poor James Curnow. XD

Oh yeah, some foreign guy took pictures of us on the train... o.O;; Two of my friends were, for some reason, having a staring contest in the middle of the train, and then that American-ish black guy with his girlfriend/wife or something took pictures of them with his digital camera. o.O;;; We were, of course, instantly alarmed, and the two who were having a staring contest dared not to look at him, while I just gave him the evil eye all through the ride. Our eyes met once, and he winked at me and showed me the screen... eek. Our photos could be posted on the internet! It could be posted somewhere right now on LJ! It infringes on portrait rights! Scaaary...
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Summer reading time

I just finished reading 'Howl's Moving Castle' and 'Castle in the Air'. I thought I'd take a stab at it, since I'd heard rumours of how good an author Diana Wynne Jones is, and I'd loved the movie. I wished I read the book before the movie, though, I couldn't help being kind of narrow-minded while reading it. But I loved both. I should read more Diana Wynne Jones books. :3 I'm debating which book to write a book report of... I think I liked 'Castle in the Air' better (contrary to what I'd been predicting) so I shall think I'll be writing a report up after I read it about 3 more times... XD; I was surprised at how many words I didn't know came up. Makes me feel kind of sad, I'd never used a dictionary when reading books. ;_; It's a pity those two books won't count for my Japanese book report, since I have to read 4 Japanese books... eek. x_x We have to read 'The Good Earth' by Paul S. Buck in Japanese, but I'm thinking of cheating and reading it in English... XD; I did pick up some real Japanese books at the bookstore the other day, though. Although I'm not really keen to get started on it.

Oh! My friend lent me all 8 volumes of Ouran High School Host Club at school yesterday. :3 I can see very much that the author is an otaku... XD It's really funny, mostly comedy despite the title having 'Host Club' in it. I think I'm weak to comedy manga... (Gintama!) Apparently it's even animified now, if you don't know Ouran you should try it out. XD Love the stupidity!
kuro - hurray!

Happy Birthday Sougo!

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It's a day late, but whatever. XD I just thought I'd up this since we need to share the love. ;D I actually just remembered about good ol' Sougo's birthday when I was going around sites... it's a frenzy because of his bday, lol. Japanese otakus love their characters very much that they really do buy cakes for them. And eat them all up alone. XD

I changed my layout from the boring Generator at last. Since I finally learned that you could host css files on geocities, I snagged a code from reversescollide and whipped up a header of Sougo... in celebration of his bday (no, not really). I don't know why I wrote 'The Last Samurai' up there. o_O

Anywho, summer vacation orchestra practices started just today. We're playing Tequilla as an encore, but I get so mixed up with the rhythm that I got laughed at practice when the flute and oboe parts were ordered to play. x_X Clarinets are not meant to play oboe parts (someone's buckpassing here)! I like orchestra practices though, except our music teacher's lectures before practices are too long. :O

Oh yes, I've decided to jog everyday for about 20~30 minutes. I wonder how long it'll last. I'm already beginning to dread it after bumping into a senior from orchestra, when I was all sweaty and panting and wearing extremely lame clothes. I don't know if she noticed me, but still, I do NOT want to meet her anymore. x_x Go me~


Um. Yes, I'm not dead. Our computer kind of combusted a while back, and I didn't feel like writing english much after it came back from DELL. I think I need to write more now, though, as I was reminded of cruelly when I had an English test just last Monday. x_x Lots of grammar mistakes. Uh oh. And words are not coming out as naturally as they used to. Oops.

So Korea launched their missile. It's all over the news, and yet I can't even remember the name of the missile. I kind of have mixed feelings about it, because it would be a real bummer if Japan goes to war, and there are vans outside our school yelling things. I find it kind of ironic that they choosed to launch it on July 4th. I'm just kind of mad that they had to launch it on the day exams started. Our school is near the famous Yasukini Shrine, which is why there are so many vans and whatever yelling crude things about war to Korea or something. Apparently some people even saw TBS, which is why we were forbidden to go home the usual route to avoid all the yelling and whatever. Another mad point, because it takes longer to go to the station.

In other more happy news, looks like Gintama was released yesterday. :D Along with One Piece, D.Grayman, and the last volume of Death Note. I was running around convenience stores yesterday looking for Gintama, and I wonder: Why do they not have Gintama at convenience stores!? They have One Piece and Death Note piled right besides the register and they don't even have Gintama on the manga rack. That is unfair. But I found it at the bookstore in the end, so I suppose it's okay.

Also heard D.Grayman is being animefied. A friend was running around going, 'Did you know? D.GRAY IS GOING TO BE AN ANIME! Did you know?' Don't think I'll be watching, I bet there'll be lots of blood involved. o.O

[edit] WTF, I'm never going near ff.net. I get these weird pop ups sometimes that come up again and again even after I tried closing it. I think it's ff.net where I'm getting all these spyware from. That and m-w.com.

Gintama Episode 1

So I just saw Gintama on TV. Our mini ancient TV sucks, so Gin-san's hair looked like a weird mint green color. o_O I thought the animation was fairly okay. I was just a bit iffy with Gin-san and Shinpachi's voice, Gin-san's need to sound more... lethargic? XD;; And anime!Gin-san was a bit too hero-y. He needs to be more dotty. Shinpachi's voice reminded me of Watanuki from xxxHolic instead. o_o Hijikata-san was hot though. <3 And Sougo~~ Shinsengumi = love. The anime turned out to be completely anime original, which I guess I could understand... Gintama is like Ranma I guess? It got kinda boring for me though. I just perked up at the Shinsengumi scenes and read Gintama 12 (12?) while watching. I don't think I'll be watching it every week... maybe when I'm reminded of it. And if I happen to get a glimpse of Shinsengumi. XD;

On a daily life note, I just took my clarinet to an overhaul. o_O It cost me $200, and it's all on my money. x_x I am broke broke broke. Now I can't afford anymore manga goodies and random food.


YES. EXAMS ARE OVER. I am ecstatic! :D:D:D No more feeling guilty when sneaking onto the computer to check stuff~~~~ I think I bombed science, but oh well. Exams are over! That is all that shall matter now! I have a bunch of stuff I want to do, mostly translations because translations are fun in a way. I need to do my translation homework first, though, but the story is pretty boring... :/ I also want to take a stab at translating some stuff for lj_nihongo just because. And I had this very weird inexplicable urge to reread Ginpachi-sensei and try translating some of the pun, but I think I lost it. D: I looked all over, and I even dug through the heap of school papers on my desk that I usually wouldn't touch (and let the dust collect), but no where in sight! I did find an FMA movie poster which went straight to the bin and Volume 1 of Peacemaker Kurogane which I'd thought I'd never see again. But wheeere is my Ginpachi booook??? ;_;

I'm going to work on Yorozuya a bit. I'd forgotten about it for awhile so must revamp it. Can't wait till April, that lazy Sorachi-sensei is releasing a character book! :O I also tried to work on my Gintama icon challenge, but found out my Adobe PS had expired. XD; I downloaded the 30 day version PSP though, so got to work on a couple. I wonder if I can finish within 30 days? XD;;;; I already made about 5 today, and posted some others I'd been saving from a looong time ago. There's still only 16 in all though. Impossible much?

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Gaaah where is my Ginpachi????? ;_;

Puzsta <3
glomp 少し照れ


Got a lot of Valentines chocolate yesterday. <3 Everyone was passing out really cute homemade cookies/chocolates, and we were all busy eating illegal snacks during break time. Yes, we aren't really allowed to bring chocolates and stuff but everyone was passing them out anyway so it was probably okay. :D At least, no one got caught. My cookies kinda looked shabby compared to all those truffles. o.O I'm going to get really really fat, polishing off all the cookies. XD I also got to give one of my Valentine cookies to a sempai, so I was quite satisified. Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine, too. <3

I was late for school today. D: When I woke up, it was already 7:30 and morning orchestra practices start at 7:40. x_X School also starts at 8:15, and I so didn't make it. I was 10 minutes late and missed morning assembly, but bleh. All we do is pray and listen to the principle talk everyday, anyway. XD;; I was really really sad I missed orchestra practice, though. ;_; Didn't feel like the morning started without it.

I lent a friend vol. 11 of Gintama but it's not coming back. D: Where are you my Gintama??
glomp 少し照れ

Shinsengumi play

So I heard that last year the seniors did a play based on the Shinsengumi. In french. I SO WANTED TO SEE IT. Nevermind it would have been in french and I wouldn't have been able to understand half of it, but still. Apparently there was a girl who took kendo lessons, and lent everyone real hakamas and bokutous. How could would that have looked!? A couple of the orchestra seniors who took french were in it, too, and I heard it from one of them. She said if I beg to the french teacher enough, she might lend me a video of the play. *_* I wish we could do a play about something cool, like the Shinsengumi, instead of pointless plays about going shopping (yes. our play is about going shoppin).

So, almost Valentine! <3 Spend today and yesterday baking cookies and stuff. They're all for friends, so I had to make a lot;; I'd been surfing the net all morning yesterday, looking for good recips. Why oh why do everything use whipped butter? I hate whipping butter. ;_; The cookies came out a bit weird-shaped, but it'll have to do. XD